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Why MiraFlex Works Better

When you’re in pain you just want it to stop quickly. When you feel pain, you generally have two events going on simultaneously: 1. the pain signal that comes from the brain and; 2. inflammation, which exacerbates the pain but actually resides in the affected area attacking and destroying the tissue. Pain is one thing and inflammation is quite another but work together to make you miserable.

For pain you use an analgesic (pain reliever). Inflammation requires an anti-inflammatory. Simple enough? MiraFlex is formulated to provide both as well as a better and faster way to get the active ingredients where you need it.

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I love how fast it works. I rub it on and by the time I finish, the pain is already subsided.

Stephanie S.

Ever since introducing MiraFlex-R3 into the practice it has become a staple. Once a patient tries it they LOVE it!

Dr. Steve B.

My husband has had 12 back surgeries! This product is the only one that relieves his pain for a few hours! Great product! I recommend this product to my patients in the dental office!

Robin W.

MiraFlex combines all of what I like to call 'the good stuff' into an effective, easy-to-apply, affordable formula.

Jeremy U.

I had such great results myself that I now use it in the treatment with my patients. The anti-inflammatory properties really do reduce the inflammation and in turn, stop the pain.

Mark C.

WOW! I have been suffering from planter fasciitis for a month. After 2 applications of MiraFlex my pain has completely gone! I have now given this to my wife who will be trying it next. Thank you recommending this product. Is it available now in New Jersey?

Steve B.

This is the best topical analgesic I have come across in years. You can use me as a referral anytime, I am so pleased with MiraFlex.

Anna F.

I treat a lot of patients with peripheral neuropathy and patients I give it to report back amazing results. Outstanding results … I love this product.

Melissa H.

MiraFlex is amazing. Smell dissipates quickly and it’s amazing how quickly it calms things down. It’s an excellent product. Feel free to use my name.

Eva W.

This is the best topical analgesic I have come across in years. You can use me as a referral anytime, I am so pleased with MiraFlex.

Mike S.

At the ago of 30, I blew out my knee in a skiing accident. Broken patella, torn acl, mcl, and pcl. I have had SEVEN knee surgeries over the past 12 years and I suffer daily with chronic pain, and inflammation. I have stage 4+ osteoarthritis in my left knee, and severe osteoarthritis in my right knee. I am one on bone, zero cartilage in both knees. I need a knee replacement but have been trying to put it off until at least age 45. I found miraFlex at a gas station and tried it out. I then ordered more online and consistently have used it for 3 months. The pain in my knees has reduced significantly. I am not cured from my condition.....however I am managing my pain for the first time in YEARS without having to take a pill. I just put in another order tonight for the 4 pack of 4 ounce product.....which is an amazing deal!

Bob T.

Thank you for turning me on to MiraFlex. After you let me try it I went and bought Blue Emu thinking it would be the same. It was so far from it! It actually DIDN’T work at all! So thank you for the tube of MiraFlex. I will be buying this from now on.

Mary E.

I just wanted to let you know that MiraFlex is like the hands of Jesus on my knee.

Beth J.

I think MiraFlex is a great product ... far better than BioFreeze. I've been in practice for over 40 years and this is the best topical analgesic I've ever used.

Dr. Larry B.

MiraFlex is impressive. I use it myself. It's amazing how quickly it calms things down and the nice minty smell dissipates in minutes. MiraFlex is an excellent product, Feel free to use my name ... have other doctors call me!

Dr. Mike S.

It's better than any prescription pain relief on the market!!

Patrica M.

I treat a lot of patients with peripheral Neuropathy and the first five patients I gave it to reported back amazing results!!

Dr. Bob S.

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